About Me

Hi there!

Brissie Life is a Brisbane blog by me, Andy – a guy who’s found himself living in Brisbane and has decided to make the most of it.

I’m originally from Sydney, I’ve also lived in Perth, Melbourne and Darwin, and Brisbane is my favourite Australian city. I’ve been living here since 2016 after travelling and living around the world for an extended period and I can say that Brisbane, or Brissie as the locals call it, is a top place to call home.

I’m fairly settled now with my family and cocker spaniel, although I still have an insatiable curiosity to explore. I’m out experiencing a minimum of three new activities/sites in Brisbane every week.

Every single post on this site is personally experienced by me and ALL photographs are mine. Also, I won’t tell you something’s great when it’s not. I enjoy helping people and I want you to experience the best Brisbane has to offer. Let’s face it, it’s not all good!

Me and Cookie on one of my favourite hills in Brisbane, in Red Hill

My background

My first career was as a chef, which I did for 10 years (qualified). I love food/drinks and I’m always eating out. Keep your eye out for new café/restaurant/bar reviews on Brissie Life.

I majored in anthropology and ancient history at university. This area is an interest of mine and I’m always looking for historical/cultural topics in and around Brisbane to write about. If you have anything you’d like me to cover, get in touch.

I also previously worked as a travel copywriter and for a short stint as a freelance travel writer. Photography has also been a hobby of mine for over 20 years and I aim to keep the posts on this site as authentic, engaging and informative as possible.

Currently, I work full-time as an eLearning Developer, although travel and media are still my passion. I’ll just say that this blog is my happy place I go to after my day job. I love doing this!

Me holding the Freemason’s sword at the Masonic Memorial Centre in Brisbane

Further areas of interest

I’m also a fairly active guy and I like hiking in various places, so you’ll probably get a lot of places to explore in around Brisbane on this site, including day trips and weekend getaways. I love adventure!

Additionally, I love finding unusual things to do in Brisbane, which I’m always looking for. Again, give me a shout via email/social media if there’s something you’d like me to cover.

About me – so how did I end up here?

The in-laws are based in the Northern Rivers, where I lived for six years before relocating to Brisbane for work. I still make regular visits down that way, so now it seems we have the best of both worlds.

A few additional facts about me:

  • I like walking/hiking and I’m always listening to music.
  • I also enjoy nature, exploring, yoga, visual design, writing, reading, gaming, watching K-dramas and being silly.
  • My favourite book about/set in Brisbane is Johnno by David Malouf.

Welcome. Settle in and explore Brissie Life.