The Best Board Game Shop in Brisbane – Vault Games

If you’re looking for a board game shop that allows you to walk in and play inside, then I highly recommend you check out Vault Games in the CBD. Here, if you purchase a drink or snack from the store, you choose from hundreds of games to play. However, what makes it the ultimate board game shop in Brisbane is that the store even sells beer and coffee, which is great news for us dads!

Board game shop in Brisbane
The friendliest board game shop in Brisbane

Friendly atmosphere

I found out about Vault Games from my boss at work, who’s a real board and card game nerd. He told me it used to be on Charlotte Street in the city, before the move to its more popular location of Queen Street Mall. Similar to now, it was located below street level in a kind of ‘vault’, which seems to suit the premises well. Its new location is big enough to accommodate while being aesthetically pleasing and in a busy part of Brisbane.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff member Jamin in Vault Games

When I first entered Vault Games, which is the only board game shop in Brisbane that I’ve been to, I went in to practice ‘Magic The Gathering’ with my son. I’d only just heard about this hugely popular card game, and Vault Games regularly holds tournaments and events geared towards it. It was here I found out how friendly and helpful the staff are, as we were helped by Jamin, who patiently guided us through the basics of Magic The Gathering and set us up with a deck and a mat.

The vast selection at this board game shop in Brisbane
How good is that head?!

Unsurprisingly, there’s a real gaming community in Vault Games, which gives it a sort of nerdy vibe. I mean that in a good way, as I love nerds and Vault Games just feels really friendly and informed. If you want to know about games, particularly board games, this is the place!

Two Things I love about this Board Game Shop in Brisbane

The first thing I love about this place is that you can walk in and borrow games from the back section (see below), sit at one of the in-house tables and play them almost for free. You’re just required to buy a snack/drink or some kind of purchase, which I think is super reasonable. There are also loads of games to choose from here – so many in fact I couldn’t begin to tell you what’s there. I’ve just seen board and card games so let me know if I’m missing something. There’s a lot going on in Vault Games!

Our session – we were playing Zombie Tsunami
The game hiring/borrowing section in Vault Games – a lot to choose from!

The second thing I really love about Vault Games, as I mentioned, is that you can buy beer here! I made a night of it just recently with my son and partner – Thursday night with beer, chocolate and board games. You can also bring in food and my son brought in KFC chips, so we had a real party. Jamin was on again last Thursday night and he told us you can bring in any food, as long as they don’t sell that particular food in-store. I’ve also bought chocolate here and importantly, Vault Games sells coffee and other drinks/snacks too.

Games, Props and Events

As far as I’m aware, there’s no other board game shop in Brisbane with this much variety. There are tabletop games, miniatures, role-playing games and pretty much every card game you could think of. Think of a gaming hobby mecca – this is it. There are also regular events at Vault Games, such as Thursday Night Throwdown, RPG Society, Warhammer events, board game meetups and much more!

The creation section up the back of the shop
A miniatures table in store

There’s also a building/creating section up the back. I’m not exactly sure what these guys were doing, but you can bet they were enthusiasts, creating and decorating gaming props and figures. Additionally, you can find all sorts of good props/collectors’ items here, such as gorgon heads and monsters that are a pretty decent size. If you’re like I was and are a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of gaming items in store, ask the staff, who – as I’ve mentioned – are super friendly and knowledgeable.

The store has a great collection of monsters!
Some of the games on offer – have you played any of these?

A Few Fast Facts

  • If you want to sit in and play some games, you’re best off booking a table. Tables are $10 for four hours, which I think is super reasonable.
  • There’s also a Vault Games located in Clayfield.
  • Just to recap – Vault Games is arguably the best board game shop in Brisbane due to its large variety of games. Additionally, you can borrow and play games in-house, buy beer, chocolate, coffee and snacks, and even bring your own food!
  • Vault Games is located towards the southern end of Queen Street Mall, across from Uptown shopping centre. It’s just a few minutes walk from bus stops and a 10-15 minutes walk from Central Station.

Pay it a visit for something different to do in Brisbane. Check out Vault Games’ website for more info.

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