Holey Moley Wintergarden – Creative Mini Golf in the CBD

If you find yourself in the city looking for something fun to do for an hour or so, Holey Moley Wintergarden Golf Club is definitely a good option. It’s a 9-hole mini golf course, or putt putt as we like to call it in Australia, that packs a creative punch. However, what makes this course so good is you can order food and drinks on the course and it’s located alongside laser tag, bowling, an escape room and karaoke. You can’t go wrong!

Putting at Hole 4 – Vincent Van Golf’s bedroom

Holey Moley is located on the top floor of Wintergarden shopping centre. It’s a large, open space area and chances are if you’re a local you know about it or you’ve already visited. The place is a bit of a city institution. I’ve been to strike bowling and laser tag a few times (where my knees get really sore from crouching thinking I’m James Bond), but I hadn’t been to Holey Moley Wintergarden until last Tuesday night.

The Golf – Holey Moley Wintergarden

Upon entry, there’s a leather lounge surrounded by golfing paraphernalia and a large game of Connect Four to keep you occupied while you’re waiting. Although often you won’t have to. You simply pay at the counter, grab your tokens and head back to the ‘pro shop’ opposite the counter. Here you pick a club and put your token in a gumball slot to retrieve your golf balls. This is where the creativity begins.

The golfing waiting area

The Holey Moley Wintergarden course is pretty small in all. Each hole is located closely alongside the other and the holes are not particularly long, even for a putt putt course. Your game could be over pretty quickly if you rush through, but the course makes up for its brevity with its creativity and leisure options, which are pretty ace.

The ‘pro shop’ with the golf ball gumball machines on the left

Some of the course highlights include a Lego course – which contains a Lego kangaroo and a Lego bushranger that gives you a sinister glare. There’s also a hole with a park bench and objects strewn across the ground (look out for the shrimp!) in honour of Forest Gump, and around the corner you’ll have to get around a bloodthirsty shark. One of my favourite holes is Vincent Van Golf’s bedroom, where you hit the ball under his bed and around some tables and chairs to sink the putt.

Olin putting at the Forest Gump-themed hole

The holes get more creative as you go along, as the seventh hole takes you into a glass room where you press a button and a blower sprays fake cash all around you like you’re Jordan Belfort. Unless you sink this hole in one, it’s pretty hard to get it in the hole with the wind and the cash flying around you. Of course, you could do that when the wind stops but that’s cheating!

Putting in the cash-ridden wind

The next hole is a poker machine, which spits out your ball and tells you your score, depending on the luck of the draw, and the last hole called ‘Kong Live the King’ has King Kong hanging above you on the Empire State Building.

Olin after conquering the last hole – Kong Live the King

Our Experience

As you can see in the pics, I went with my 12-year-old son, Olin. I anticipated a quick game and when I asked the girl behind the counter about two games, she said just don’t putt the ball in the last hole and you can go around as many times as you like. Of course! I used to do this as a kid and I liked that we were green-lighted to do this. So we did two rounds at Holey Moley Wintergarden.

Me, navigating the savage shark

We didn’t keep score for our games. The only rule we made for ourselves was that we had to stay at the hole until we made par, if we hadn’t managed to do so on our first attempt. We only had to do this a couple of times and I got two holes in one and so did Olin. The last hole, which we only did once of course, is a pretty challenging one and it’s even a tad annoying. However, in all, we enjoyed ourselves, particularly as we didn’t really have anyone pressing behind us or lagging in front.

Olin on the Lego-themed hole

Puns and Pop Culture References

Holey Moley Wintergarden is a fun course and it appears the people who designed it were having a laugh. There’s some artwork on the wall depicting ‘Van Golf’, there’s a ‘God Save the Green’ sign, a hole called ‘Kong Live the King’ and information depicting ‘no ifs, just puts’. There’s also Ned Kelly, Jaws and (perhaps) Jordan Belfort references on the course.

Vincent Van Golf

Around the course there are also little shrines to golf, with Greg Norman books, a gopher (referencing Caddyshack) and other golfing paraphernalia. There’s also a hole dedicated to Forrest Gump and even one dedicated to Ferris Bueller (although I didn’t quite get that one). Check out the Caddyshack theme song in my video at the end too!

The sinister Lego bushranger on hole 1
Shrine to golf

Food & Drinks

We didn’t get any drinks or food here on this occasion, as we ate at Ichiban Sushi around the corner later on. However, I’m keen to next time as one of the great things about Holey Moley Wintergarden is the food, drink and lounging options. At every single hole there’s a QR code to ‘order and pay’ and the Holey Moley course is located right alongside a bar. The drinks are also creative, as there’s a cocktail you can get with rubber duckies floating in it. I’m actually a bit upset I didn’t do that for this post! You can also get wine, beer, spirits or a mocktail.

We didn’t indulge this time, but check out the seating options and bar in the back!

Food offerings include pizzas, hotdogs and creative burgers – ‘The Dirty Birdie, with southern fried chicken, bacon, lettuce, coleslaw, guacamole and chilli mayo. You can also get mac ‘n’ cheese bites, chicken wings and there are loads of potato dishes on offer too!

Feeling pretty ace with all that cash flying around!

In all, we had a fun time at Holey Moley Wintergarden, even though it’s a little short. However, as I’ve mentioned, this is really not a problem given you can do more than one round and there’s food, drink and other activity options literally surrounding the course! I reckon I’ll visit this one again, at least to try that rubber ducky cocktail!

Check out my video below to get a better idea of Holey Moley Wintergarden.

A Few Fast Facts

  • Holey Moley Wintergarden is owned by Funlab, who also owns Strike Bowling, the adjoining laser tag room, Red Herring Escape rooms and the adjoining karaoke rooms.
  • A round of nine holes costs $12 for under 18s and $20 for adults. This is stretched a lot further if you don’t putt the ball in the 9th and do a couple of rounds like we did!
  • One round of nine holes will take you around 20-30 minutes.
  • Holey Moley is located in Wintergarden shopping centre, which is in Queen Street Mall in the CBD. Take the escalator at the entrance and you can’t miss it.
  • There are Holey Moley courses located all around Australia!
  • There’s parking in the nearby Myer shopping centre, but otherwise there are bus and train stations within walking distance.
  • Holey Moley Wintergarden does deals where you can reserve the area and get a food and beverage package. Enquire via the Holey Moley website for more info.
  • Holey Moley also does a ‘Uni Night’, which is $25 for students on Wednesday nights and involves unlimited bowling, laser tag, mini golf, pool tables and food specials. Makes me want to go back to uni!

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