Saturday Fun at Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse

Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse is one of Brissie’s best markets, without a doubt. Not only is the market a food lover’s haven, it’s set in Brisbane’s pretty suburb of New Farm, right by the river and the backdrop of the imposing Brisbane Powerhouse. Additionally, the markets are dog-friendly and there are all kinds of fresh goodies for you to sample.

Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse showing off its eponymous backdrop

It had been a while since my last visit, and as a couple of my old friends were in town, I was excited to show them Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse, as it’s a pretty spectacular spot if you’re new to town. Unfortunately, it was an overcast, chilly winter’s day when we arrived, so my friends wouldn’t see the markets in all its sparkling New Farm Glory. However, as we found out, there’s always fun to be had at the markets here.

Saturday fun – trying to catch mosquitos in our mouths – at the markets

The Atmosphere

The markets were in full swing when we arrived at about 8:30am. There were ladies in lycra and folks with doggies in droves, lots of families were out too, and I had fun filming smack bang in the middle of it all (check out my video at the end!). However, it’s the Brisbane Powerhouse backdrop, wide open space and proximity to parks and the river that really makes this market stand out from the crowd. Thankfully Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse has a decent variety of stalls on offer too.

Dog-friendly markets

Market Stalls – Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse

Every time I visit a market I chat to stall owners, as it’s typically a highlight of my visit. Stall owners give me an insight into the local scene and a real feel for the markets. As I was hanging out with friends and filming and shooting while managing my crazy energetic cocker spaniel Cookie, I wasn’t as chatty as usual. However, I did manage to speak with the following store owners.

Busy coffee stalls at the markets

Jo at The Wonky Loaf

Originally a micro sourdough bakery, The Wonky Loaf is now a full-production bakery based on the Sunshine Coast. The fermented sourdough is the real speciality here, as it takes 36 hours to ferment, breaking down the gluten and organic flours to produce its whizz-bang bread.

Jo serving up a range of goodies at The Wonky Loaf

I had a chat with Jo at the store while eyeing off its sourdough bread and pizza bases, along with the variety of tarts, biscuits, croissants and Danishes on display. Jo told me The Wonky Loaf is new to the Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse and that you can also catch it in Brisbane at Northey Street Farmers Markets on Sundays.

Alexander at Ruby’s Rolls

I’m a sucker for some flaky, buttery, salty goodness, so I soon found Alexander at Ruby’s Rolls, who was busy serving food from his little pop-up stall. I savoured a cheese and spinach sausage roll here, and the pastry was light and delicious, while the filling was creamy and perfectly salty. The only sad part was I felt compelled to share it with my friends after they’d bought me breakfast.

Alexander during a rush at Ruby’s Rolls

Alex told me chefs knock up his mouth-watering rolls and he seemed pretty proud of it too. And no wonder, as they were really good! Ruby’s Rolls boasts 100% premium beef and as I mentioned, the vegetarian (sausageless) rolls are ace!

Rachel at Urban Valley Gourmet Mushrooms

This was a highlight of my visit to the markets. I’m a mushroom lover and Urban Valley Gourmet Mushrooms certainly delivers on that front! Additionally, after chatting with Rachel I discovered that Urban Valley grows their mushrooms by the train line in Fortitude Valley and delivers them to restaurants all around the city! They also sell, the chunky, coveted Lion’s Mane mushroom, which is served up as a vegetarian ‘steak’ at local restaurants!

Rachel at her Urban Valley Gourmet Mushroom store

Other mushrooms you’ll find here include oyster, shimeji, coral tooth, pioppino, chestnut, shiitake, black pearl and golden enoki. Rachel, who has a master’s degree in molecular genetics, runs Urban Valley with hospitality veteran Joel. Urban Valley also puts on mushroom-growing workshops for beginners and even hosts a gourmet mushroom dinner series in collaboration with local restaurants! Definitely check out these guys if you’re at the markets.

The Food

Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse is a real foodies haven and there’s so much more than what I’ve mentioned above. So what else did I try? I had avocado topped with seeds and some white stuff (the name of which escapes me) on sourdough, along with fried halloumi, eggs and lemon, which was lip-smackingly awesome. My friend also bought this mango, yoghurt smoothy with fruit speared on top, which went down quickly.

Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse had some solid breakfast options!
Our brekky
Fruity goodness

I also spied some busy-looking coffee stalls on my wanders, a bustling fruit market, a herb haven, and a bona-fide seafood shop that almost lured me into a mouth-watering trance before I realised I was here to do some work!

Herb central


Quite by accident, I discovered the Pleasure Dome, which is a little outdoor place containing tables and chairs beneath some shelter by a lawn. This is a good spot to take your goodies back to, as it provides a bird’s eye view of the markets and Brisbane Powerhouse itself. It also looked very family friendly and it has a nice patch of grass which you can laze on with your dog and soak up the market vibe (which is what I did).

Pleasuredome lived up to its name

Check out my video below for a better view of the markets.

Thoughts Overall

I’ve been to the Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse several times before, although not for a few years. This visit reminded me that it’s one of Brisbane’s best markets and is well worth a visit. Go if you love food, dogs and a Saturday mooch around one of the prettiest suburbs in Brisbane. There’s also loads to do right next to the market, so you could easily make a day of it! Check out my posts on neighbouring New Farm Park and the suburb’s famous deli for ideas on what to do in the area.

Plenty of fresh fruit and veg at Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse

Additional information

  • There are also Jan Powers Farmers Markets located in Mitchelton and Manly.
  • The markets are named after foodie and commentator Jan Powers, who founded Brisbane’s first farmers market more than 30 years ago.
  • Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse opened at the same time as Brisbane Powerhouse, in 2000.
  • Jan Powers Farmers Markets Powerhouse is open from 6am to 12pm, every Saturday.
  • The markets are dog-friendly.
  • The markets are a foodies’ haven and contain a variety of fresh produce from growers and bakers.  

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