Visit the Excellent Milton Sunday Markets in Brisbane City

Sunday markets in Brisbane City are a great place to explore, indulge and engage in community spirit. One of my favourite markets in the inner city is the Milton Markets. It’s a good size – being easy to navigate – and if you’re feeling social, there’s a great little community hidden within. The stall holders also sell excellent art, crafts and gourmet food, there’s live music, pets are welcome and there’s cheap parking right by the markets (more on that later).

Milton Markets

The Atmosphere

Milton Markets is well laid out due to the convenient parking and accessibility of everything. Being an inner-city market, it’s comparatively stress-free and it’s also a great place to explore, nibble and meet friends for some sociability in the sunshine. Big trees line the edge of the market, which make for great seating, it’s lively and the sights and smells are enough to keep one entertained for a couple of hours.

Some nice lounging options at Milton Markets

Food & Drink

Like many Sunday markets in Brisbane city, Milton Markets packs a punch with its quality and variety. As soon as I entered the market, I was confronted with freshly baked bread, fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance, coffee stalls and healthy food & drink options. I remember having a wonderful breakfast of Japanese street food last time I was here – at Okonomiyake En – which served a thin pancake-type dish that was rolled and filled with exotic savoury goodness.

Okonomiykai En pumps out some uber-tasty goods!

I didn’t eat at Okonomiyake En this time, but the memory put me in the mood for Asian food and I had some prawn dumplings for breakfast at the Hong Kong Dumpling House. I added soy sauce, sesame oil and fish sauce and they were a tasty accompaniment to my coffee. I bought my coffee from Ricochet Espresso, which I definitely recommend. The Hong Kong Dumpling House is decent if you’re dumpling driven, but Okonomiyaki En is even better and I highly recommend you eat there!

My breakfast stop this time around – the Hong Kong Dumpling House
The boys at Ricochet Espresso

Another place that looked inviting, but which I didn’t try, was Batch Cookie Bar. If you’re feeling like something sweet this place was popular. The Iced Tea Co also sells what looked like a good variety of iced tea. Another stall called Giddy Citizen was selling some healthy-looking produce, there’s also the fruit and veg stall and Dunav Smallgoods was displaying some fantastic-looking salami, chorizo and beef jerky options. Oh and did I mention the bread? Lots of freshly baked bread of all varieties can be found at these Sunday Markets in Brisbane City too!

Batch Cookie Bar
A refreshing option at these Sunday markets in Brisbane City – the Iced Tea Co
Dunav Smallgoods

Community – Sunday Markets in Brisbane City

Chatting with the stall holders and organisers is the real highlight for me when I explore markets. I typically find these marketeers interesting, leading good lifestyles and really friendly. This also gives me a greater sense of the markets and from what I gathered last weekend, Milton Markets is definitely one of the friendlier inner-city market communities. People here seem to help each other out too. I managed to have a chat with the following store owners:

Georgie from Giddy Citizen

I chatted with Georgie from Giddy Citizen only briefly, although I could tell she was super lovely and even put up with me rambling on about my blog for a bit. She was positive and appeared sparkly and healthy, like the produce she was selling. Giddy Citizen sells products such as kefir water, apple cider vinegar, gut and even dog tonics.

Georgie at her stall Giddy Citizen

Nae from Nae Creates

Nae has her own stall selling her handmade scrunchies, wristlets, keychains and bandanas. Nae and her partner live in Ipswich and she told me how much she loves coming to the markets and that they’re a fantastic inner-city option for creatives like herself.  

Nae from Nae Creates

Chloe from Summers Woodworks

I chatted with Chloe for a little while too, and she’s passionate about her custom woodwork goods, which included a range of quality chopping boards and magnetic knife holders. Speaking to Chloe reminded me that Sunday markets in Brisbane City, such as these, are the place to grab some quality, handmade bargains!

Chloe at her stall – Summers Woodworks

Will from Rug Opera

Last but certainly not least, I chatted with Will from Rug Opera. Will is a friendly, flamboyant character and I felt we got along from the get-go. Will sells a range of quality throw blankets and rugs with uber creative designs. I now follow Will on Instagram and he’s got some pretty fun videos advertising his vast selection of rugs. Give him a follow and come and check out his merchandise!

Will inside his Rug Opera palace

Entertainment Options

I’ve touched on this briefly but there was a quality music act playing in the markets’ open courtyard. The lady could really sing! The courtyard has lots of chairs and tables, dogs are welcome (as I’ve said), which created a really cool Sunday morning scene. I sat down here for a while and ate my prawn dumplings, soaked up the markets and this talented duo’s dulcet sounds.

The live entertainment at these markets was quality, and plenty of shade!

Unlike other Sunday markets in Brisbane City, the Milton Markets also has large trees that lend it added shade and atmosphere. Aren’t markets just loads better with good trees? Admittedly, I think markets are strategically placed amongst trees for shade. However, the Milton Markets have a shaded section in a busy corner, conveniently behind Ricochet Espresso. This makes for pleasant people-watching and a lively social scene.

The morning vibe at these Sunday Markets in Brisbane City

A Few Fast Facts

  • Milton Markets has a multi-story car park next door that contains 350 undercover parking spots. Parking costs just $2, which runs for the duration of the markets.
  • The Milton Markets are open every Sunday, from 6am to 1pm in the winter and from 6pm to 12pm all other times of the year.
  • The markets are located on Little Cribb Street, about 5 minutes walk from Milton Train Station.
  • Dogs, cats and pigs are allowed in the markets. However, they must be kept on a leash.
  • The markets has an information desk, a first aid kit and a lost and found register.
  • ATM facilities are also located on-site.

I love the Milton Markets, as it’s arguably the friendliest Sunday markets in Brisbane City. Check out my video below to get a better idea.

For more info, head to the Milton Markets’ website.

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