Dularcha Railway Tunnel – Abandoned, Not Forgotten

Dularcha Railway Tunnel

Always keen to investigate a historical site, particularly if it’s disused or in a forlorn state, I drove to the Dularcha Railway Tunnel in Landsborough. Located roughly 95kms north of Brisbane, the tunnel was abandoned almost 100 years ago and lies amidst flooded gums, piccabeen palms and rainforest plants in Dularcha National Park. I arrived … Read more

Ferny Grove Rail Trail – Home to QLD’s Rail Disaster

Ferny Grove Rail Trail

Searching for somewhere intriguing in the area, perhaps with a little history and some mystery, I came across the Ferny Grove Rail Trail. Not only is it an abandoned trainline – which I’m always up for exploring – it’s also the site of QLD’s worst railway disaster, which occurred just two years after the end … Read more