Creole Soul Kitchen Restaurant

Soul kitchen restaurant

Atmosphere and friendliness are what I really want when I spend my money on eating out. Sure, I like the food to be good too, but I want to sit somewhere cosy, relaxed, yet busy – where I can watch life and its moments of magic over a drink or two before things start. Fortunately, … Read more

Glass House Mountains – Mount Tibrogargan Climb

Mount Tibrogargan climb

If you’ve driven anywhere on the southern end of the Sunshine Coast, you’d have to have seen the Glass House Mountains – small but majestic peaks that conspicuously rise out of forest alongside Steven Irwin Way. They were named the Glass House Mountains by Captain James Cook, allegedly after they reminded him of the glass … Read more

Dularcha Railway Tunnel – Abandoned, Not Forgotten

Dularcha Railway Tunnel

Always keen to investigate a historical site, particularly if it’s disused or in a forlorn state, I drove to the Dularcha Railway Tunnel in Landsborough. Located roughly 95kms north of Brisbane, the tunnel was abandoned almost 100 years ago and lies amidst flooded gums, piccabeen palms and rainforest plants in Dularcha National Park. I arrived … Read more

Inside Polonia – The Polish Restaurant Brisbane

Polish restaurant Brisbane

Polonia ~ people of Polish descent living outside of Poland Always keen to try something different – particularly if it’s a cultural experience – I sought out the Polish restaurant Brisbane is renown for. Located inside of Brisbane’s Polish club, ‘Polonia’, the restaurant is the centre of all things Polish that are proudly celebrated and … Read more