Pho Hung Vuong – Authentic Vietnamese in Paddington

I love Vietnamese food, as it’s light and the subtle flavours and textures typically leave me feeling I’ve had a healthy food adventure. So when we heard rumours of authentic Vietnamese in Paddington, we were in. Additionally, Pho Hung Vuong is a short distance from our home, and it’s a couple of doors down from my favourite pub in Brisbane, The Hope and Anchor.  

The Atmosphere

I arrived at Pho Hung Vuong with my partner Nikki on a slightly chilly night last Friday at 7:30pm. The restaurant is long and narrow, yet warm, and slender tables form a line that leads towards the back of the restaurant. I took a seat on the long, leather bench beneath basket lights. The walls of the restaurant were decorated sparsely with pictures of bicycles, pots of tea and houses on stilts, while neon lighting lit up the restaurant’s entrance.

The back of Pho Hung Vuong
The entrance to Pho Hung Vuong

There were a few tables out the front of Pho Hung Vuong beneath a gas heater, although the heater was turned off as evidently it was a bit chilly to sit outside tonight. Brisbane does get a bit cold in the winter!

The front of Pho Hung Vuong – quietening down when we left
Artwork at the back of the restaurant

The Drinks

As I’d had a pint at the Hope and Anchor before arriving, I decided not to drink any alcohol at the restaurant. Instead, we went for a pot of chrysanthemum tea, which warmed us through with subtle, herbal goodness. It was a nice start to our Vietnamese food journey.


If you’re keen for a tipple, Pho Hung Vuong has tap beers and cider (ask the staff for current availability), sparkling wine, two varieties of rose and four types of white and red wine varieties respectively. You can buy wine by the bottle or the glass.


Non-alcoholic drinks at Pho Hung Vuong include Vietnamese tea and coffee, a variety of soft drinks, coconut juice and San Pellegrino water.

The Food – Authentic Vietnamese in Paddington

Nikki was looking forward to trying a pho tonight, as Pho Hung Vuong is a speciality pho place. However, to start with, we went with the gluten-free seafood spring rolls, as Nikki is gluten-free and rarely gets to enjoy a spring roll.

Our little Vietnamese party in full swing

The spring rolls are homemade and I must say, I’ve had a few spring rolls in my day and these were THE BEST I remember having. They weren’t the typical smooth fried offering, as the pastry – as you can see in the photo below – is made up of tendrils that intertwine with one another. The texture was amazing and they were full of flavour!

These spring rolls were so good!

For our mains, I ordered the prawn clay pot, as I wanted to try something a little different and I felt I could savour some of Nikki’s pho to get an idea. Nikki ordered the chicken pho with gluten-free noodles. Another great thing about Pho Hung Vuong is that it’s great for gluten-intolerant types.

Nikki’s chicken pho with gluten-free noodles

My prawn clay pot came accompanied by a plate of rice. As the clay pot was scalding hot and contained a pleasant, salty sauce, I decided to shovel the rice into the clay pot and mix it in. This was a good move, as the rice became crispy upon colliding with the scalding sauce, and it was fun eating the crispy edges of rice with the prawn flavour. The prawns were also large, tender and plentiful (there were at least eight). I really enjoyed my meal in all.

My prawn clay pot

Nikki’s pho was excellent and came with a side dish that looked like a Vietnamese adventure. The side dish contained bean sprouts, pickled onions, lime, two types of crushed, chilli sauce and a bunch of fresh basil. The pho itself contained chicken, chicken broth, red onion, spring onion, coriander and noodles. It had a warm, light and subtle flavour. For me, the magic was in the accompaniments and I love how you add the sides into the soup. It’s safe to say Nikki’s desire for a great pho had materialised.  

Nikki’s pho side dish

The Service

The waiter taking our order was super friendly and relaxed, yet attentive at the same time. We felt instantly at home at Pho Hung Vuong, which of course always makes for a great night. However, what impressed me was the cook, who gave Nikki a great explanation on how to eat the meal when Nikki asked her. Check out my video at the end to see this in action. In all the service here was excellent and we’re keen to return with the in-laws, who we think will love it.

One of the friendly staff at Pho Hung Vuong

The Location & Getting There

Pho Hung Vuong is located on Given Terrace – the main street in Brisbane’s suburb of Paddington, just a few doors down from The Hope and Anchor. I mentioned before that Nikki and I stopped for a drink at the Hope before our meal. We also went there afterwards and the same musician was there, which we really enjoyed. Of course, I’m biased towards the Hope and Anchor but combine it with a visit for a fun night out.

Paddington doesn’t have a train station, but Pho Hung Vuong is easily accessible by bus from the city (take the 61 Maroon CityGlider).  

Thoughts Overall

If you’ve just jumped to this section and haven’t read my review, we loved Pho Hung Vuong. The food was fresh, hot, tasty and a fun little adventure. Additionally, the service was excellent. In all, I definitely recommend you pay this restaurant a visit. If you’re feeling like Vietnamese food in Paddington, or just Brisbane in general, Pho Hung Vuong is a must-do! Check out my video below to get a better idea of our experience.

A Few Fast Facts

  • Pho Hung Vuong is closed Monday and Tuesday and open for brunch, lunch and dinner, Wednesday to Sunday.
  • There’s parking available on nearby side streets.
  • Check out Pho Hung Vuong’s Facebook page for more info.

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