Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove – Northside Artisan Delights

I’ve always had trouble walking past a bakery without trying a pastry. If it’s good, I’ll return and if you have decent coffee too, it will turn into a local haunt. Thankfully there’s such a place not too far from where I live, in Brisbane’s north-west. Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove has been a go-to for me and my family for years now, although it had been a while since my last visit…

Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove is typically busy!

I returned with the family just last Sunday to see if it was still up to par. We arrived in the morning after combining our visit with a walk through St John’s Wood, which deserves a post in itself (coming soon).

The Atmosphere – Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove

There are a few things I love about Banneton Bakery besides the food and coffee. It has a beautiful, big tree out the front that makes for some great alfresco scoffing. It’s also a spacious bakery and you’ll invariably get a seat if you wait a bit, as it’s pretty much always busy. The word is most certainly out, as at Banneton Bakery, there’s typically a line out the door and down the sidewalk.

Tapering off late morning
A table down the end is typically best for our mental doggy

The front has plenty of shade provided by the tree, and it’s a great spot to sit with your dog (there’s also water for doggies provided) – or your friends – and begin a leisurely Brissie weekend. Inside it’s spartan, clean, with a converted warehouse vibe (although smaller). There are concrete floors, wooden tables and bare brick walls adorned with greenery.

Inside seating

The Food – Artisan Delights

Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove also has a display cabinet packed with artisan delights. Breads include a variety of sourdough, Italian ciabattas, French baguettes and German rye bread, amongst others. The sourdough bread is made without the use of baker’s yeast. There’s also the vennoiserie (puff pastry) and patisserie for the sweet-toothed (not my thing), and the savoury selection, which is my favourite.

My spelt sourdough loaf

There’s a vast selection of goodies here but this time around I tried the gluten-free frittata – with its polenta base, and the spanakopita – made from puff pastry and filled with spinach and fetta cheese. I also bought myself a loaf of spelt sourdough, which I’ve since demolished. I used to regularly eat the savoury pies, which I’m happy to report are still here.

My vegetable frittata

The gluten-free frittata with its polenta base has been a go-to for us for a few years, and it’s still delicious. The polenta with the roasted vegetables is a tasty combination, offering an interesting texture. The spanakopita was also crunchy, soft and had just the right amount of salt. The spinach and the seasoned cheese collapsed with each stab into the puff pastry and with my morning coffee, it was a fun little adventure. It also came with a sweet tomato relish, which balanced out the saltiness quite nicely.

My spanakopita

My sourdough bread made for some mouthwatering home toasting and lunches at my work. However, as the bread is so freshly baked and contains all-natural ingredients, it holds up a little less than commercial bread. Just remember to eat it sooner rather than later and you’ll have at least several sensational savoury sessions.

Even though Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove has many other goodies on display, I won’t comment on what I haven’t tried recently. However just know that all the food here is exceptional quality, cooked with passion, without any artificial improvers or additives. Additionally, the bakers here have taken inspiration from the artisan bakeries of France, Italy and Germany, as well as Australia.

So much yumminess…

Check out Banneton Bakery’s website to see the full range of food options.

Coffee & Drinks

Another thing I love about Banneton Bakery is that the coffee here is taken seriously rather than just being a convenient add-on. I drink long blacks, so I can’t comment on the milk, but then there are little things I notice, being an ex-barista, that make the coffee here a decent option.

A great setting for my long black

The coffee is not left in the machine too long before pouring (which makes it bitter), the group handles are cleaned between every pour (which also staves off any unwanted bitterness) and my coffee is poured on top of the hot water, not the other way around (so it has a nice crema). These are usually the basics of any decent coffee place but you’ll find that quality here.

Banneton Bakery, according to my 13-year-old, also make a tiptop chocolate milkshake.

My son’s milkshake

The Service

As I hadn’t been here in a while, I’m happy to report the service, if anything, is as good as or even better than before. The youngsters serving at the counter were very professional and friendly – as was the waitstaff – and the service was speedy.

Typically friendly and efficient service

Unfortunately, the service is one thing this bakery gets a lot of flack for, as they’re a popular place which, as I’ve said, typically has a line out the door. Some people get frustrated by the wait times, but just be patient (it’s never too bad) and savour the experience.

The line is typically civilised and moves quickly inside Banneton Bakery

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell by now (unless you’ve just skipped to this part), we love Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove. The quality of the food here is exceptional, the setting is pleasant, the service friendly, the coffee is a solid option and I can bring my dog! I also love that it sits under a big old leafy tree and it’s located right by St John’s Wood, which is worthy of a visit on its own. You should combine the two! (Like we do).

Of course if you’re a bakery or pasty lover, this one’s a must-visit in Brisbane! Check out my video below to get a better idea.

A Few Fast Facts

  • There are three other Banneton Bakeries besides Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove – in Camp Hill, Woolloongabba (the original) and in Milton Markets every Sunday.
  • There’s limited parking out the front of the bakery but the surrounding streets are close by and accommodating.
  • Banneton Bakery is dog-friendly, although you can’t bring your dog inside.
  • There are often wait times at Banneton Bakery although the staff seems to turn things over pretty quickly.  
  • Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove is located on Waterworks Road in the suburb’s west, right near the border of The Gap.
  • There are some gluten-free options, but they’re fairly limited.
  • Banneton Bakery in Ashgrove is open from 6:30am – 2pm Monday to Friday, and 7am – 2pm Saturday and Sunday.

The vibe: a leafy, civilised haven.

Go for: the pastry, the coffee and the atmosphere.

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