Remy’s Paddington – A Brisbane Institution

If you haven’t yet been to Remy’s, get yourself down there and experience what has become a Brisbane institution. Remy’s Paddington burgers are fairly-priced and decently good, but what stands out is its atmosphere, as there’s really nothing quite like it. Remy’s also has a good selection of beers on tap, cocktails, wine and the staff are hands down the friendliest I’ve experienced in Brisbane.

The atmosphere

Remy’s also has a nice deck with a bar-style bench that’s perfect for enjoying a drink at sunset. Here you can look over the hills of Paddington and sit amongst the noise, smack in one of Brisbane’s prettiest spots. Better yet, you can order straight from the table.  

Remy's Paddington
Remy's Paddington
A beer and a chat with my boy

I’m fortunate enough to live close to Remy’s and I’ve walked here for breakfast on a few occasions. The breakfast vibe is equally as good, as it’s a tip-top time to sit at one of the tables by the footpath and do some people-watching under the dappled light of the big old tree, which covers most of the courtyard.

Remy's Paddington

Remy’s Paddington – Dog Friendly

The fact you can bring your dog here AND order from the table is a huge plus for me! My dog is an anxious pup and not having to get up, leave him and order at the counter is definitely helpful. On top of that, the staff always come out with a bowl of water and give Cookie a pat. Doggies are even allowed in the courtyard and the site of them relaxing by their owner’s feet makes for a relaxed and inclusive scene.

Remy's Paddington
Cookie chilling (sort of) at Remy’s

A place where everyone’s welcome

Another thing I love about this place is that people of all ages come here. I’m a middle-aged guy and there are loads of us at Remy’s. At work, after someone asked me what I got up to last night, I told them ‘Remy’s’ and a co-worker in her early 20s chimed in, ‘I love Remy’s’. It’s just that kind of place – where locals catch up and you’ll likely bump into the people that serve you in your local suburb (which happens to me regularly).

Remy's Paddington

Additionally, Remy’s is gluten-free and vegan-friendly. The place is like one big hug to Brisbane!

Remy's Paddington

The service

To me, the service is what makes Remy’s stand head and shoulders above the crowd of places to eat in Brisbane. It’s certainly not a fancy place, and my order has been stuffed up more than once, but it’s their response to this that gets me coming back every time. I typically receive an emphatic apology, followed by the odd freebie and a smile. My dog also gets treated like a king.

Remy's Paddington
Inside Remy’s

I also have great chats with the staff, who are unwavering friendly. Just the other night I was talking to Jake, one of the staff at Remy’s Paddington and he told me he applied here as the place has such a nice vibe. He also gave me some music recommendations (I actually hadn’t given Sam Cooke much of a listen before) and told me about a secret spot for my blog. Legend. Post coming!

Remy's Paddington

The food

The food is not a standout and to be honest, to me it tastes a bit like American fast food. It’s got the sweet and sour and fried thing going on, but there are some healthy ingredients in its burgers. It’s certainly good enough but I don’t personally come here for the food. I always get the halloumi burger, chips and onion rings and have a pretty fun time.

Remy's Paddington
The haloumi burger with an extra patty and extra cheese
Remy's Paddington
Remy’s onion rings are pretty good!

My partner is more favourable towards the food than I am, but honestly, you’ll get better food if you pop a few doors down to Sassafras – another dog-friendly Brisbane institution that I’ll write about soon. I would say the same thing about Remy’s breakfast. It’s okay, a great place to sit and it’s worth it, but if you’re a foodie, there are better places to eat at.

Remy's Paddington

Saying that, Remy’s Paddington is decent value and the fact it caters for a diversity of people makes it a drawcard for us (my partner is gluten-free) and a must-visit in Brisbane. You’ll likely be back more than once!

Vibe – laidback, fun, super-friendly and all are welcome.

Go for – the atmosphere, service, value and beers on tap.


Remy’s is a Brisbane Institution. If you haven’t yet been, get on down to Paddington and check this fun place out. Great spot for happy hour, onion rings, and the haloumi burger. #brisbaneeats #brisbanefoodie #brisbaneblogger #thisisbrisbane #brissielife #remyspaddington #remys #paddingtonbrisbane #haloumiburger #onionrings #brisbanecocktails #brisbaneoutdoordining #brisbanetiktokers #brisbanecitylife #brissie

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